3 Reasons to Register or License with Your State

#1 - Parents Care

Show parents you care by committing to professional quality for your in-home daycare. Some parents will weed out competitors without state registration.

#2 - Do it for You

Hold yourself accountable, ensure that you're always thinking about the quality of your daycare center, and not letting it slip. Your home care space should be ready for a state inspection at any moment, and if you're committing to it by licensing or registering with your state, then you may be more likely to maintain quality year-round.

#3 - Your Business

In some cases, states will allow you to have more children in your home if you have registered or licensed. Even if you don't choose to register, you are sitll open to any state laws around child care capacity in your home, so it's always best to be on the right side of the state and local laws and guidelines for your daycare.

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